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Bellandia is a privately-owned South African property development company which specialises particularly in multi-storey, residential apartments. Bellandia caters for a wide range of homeowners, both local and international, and is known for its commitment to delivering signature developments of high quality, excellent value and responsible design, resulting in above-average investment returns.

Its core capabilities include project marketing and sales, project management & co-ordination and the company has an established reputation for imaginative and innovative design solutions combined with excellent workmanship and quality control.



Featured Developments


Wescape, Cape Town




Wescape is an integrated and holistic development based on the communiTgrow approach to the urban environment which will enable people to learn, live and grow in a healthy, self-sustaining community. Wescape will consist of 200,000 homes and will provide all necessary educational and healthcare facilities, employment opportunities and community facilities and services. Wescape is the flagship project of communiTgrow.  Visit website